Building Green


Responsible Building & Promoting Sustainability


David has been committed to building green, energy efficient homes in New Mexico and Texas for many years. Well-insulated homes save energy which translates into lower power costs and a responsible carbon footprint. For homeowners interested in solar, David has extensive experience incorporating solar power systems into both new and pre-existing homes, as well as using alternative building materials, such as PolySteel and Rastra.

Universal Design


A Livable Home for Generations


One beneficial concept that Engelman uses is the idea of Universal Design. The goal of Universal Design is to create space that meets the needs of most people and their families – young or old, abled or disabled – in the belief that a large range of human ability is not special, but ordinary. Universal Design is performance based and includes but is not limited to the following concepts:

ADA Compliant Capability

Wheelchair Ramps, Pull-Handles, and ample floor space can be incorporated in to your design to accommodate a wheelchair and allow easy u-turns

Smart Design for Seated and Standing Accessibility


Entry doors to rooms at least 32” wide and lever door handles throughout

Bathroom sinks no higher than 34” from the floor

Roll in shower

Floor surfaces that do not pose slipping/tripping hazards


Multiple zero step entrances/exits throughout the home